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How to Fix Printer Jam Problem?

With the advent of technology, printing and binding papers for business documentation as has become digital and effective. However, anybody may have come across an instance where your paper gets stuck in the middle of printing something important. It really frustrating, when printer gets jammed. so what can you do really to pull out the paper without damaging the printer. As per reports many printers get damaged because of forced removal of paper. The following article will help you on how to fix printer jam problems smoothly. You may need to call a printer expert if the paper has badly jam due to paper stuck & as it requires technicians expertise to fix printer jam.

Paper printer jam not only wastes your paper but eventually your time as well! With the help of the following actionable guidelines, you will learn two aspects of printing, i.e.:

  1. How to avoid paper jamming inside your printer?
  2. How to fix a jammed paper from your printer?

How to Fix Printer Paper Jam?

While taking printout from the printer, sometime problem occures which we called as printer paper jam issue. Now, most of the printer looks same in design. And these issue occured in almost all brands of printers. Below are the solutions of Fix Printer paper jam.

Follow the below steps for Printer Jam fix

  1. Check the Printer Paper tray
  2. Now, Remove the backside door of the inkjet printer
  3. Now, Open the front cover of the jam printer
  4. Now, Check printer cartridge & to be very sure it is working fine
  5. Now, test printer paper
  6. Call Printer support, if printer jam problem not fix

Follow the below steps for Fix canon printer paper jam error

  1. Switch Off the Printer, and then take out the power cord of the printer from the power switch
  2. Now, Open the paper cover outside
  3. Now, Open the front cover of the Canon jam printer
  4. Be sure that the Canon jammed printer is not under printer fine cartridge
  5. Now, Hold the Jam paper in the canon printer with your hands
  6. If the Jam paper is roll up, then pull it outside
  7. Take the paper slowly, then pull the Jam paper out.
  8. make sure that all Jammed paper is now removed from the canon jam printer
  9. Now, Close the paper output cover, then reload the paper

Paper Jam in Canon Printer

Follow the below steps to fix paper jam error in canon printer

  • First thing you have to do is switch off your canon printer
  • Then Open the output cover of printer cover. Now check if there is any paper jam & then remove it very carefully
  • Now, Check for any paper jam in the cartridge holder. If you are able to see the jammed paper then remove it.
  • Or if you see the small pieces of paper which are stuck anywhere in the canon printer then clean all.
  • Now, Check & clear if any jammed paper or small pieces are stuck near the cartridge
  • Once you remove the paper jam inside the or also clear the small pieces of the paper.
  • Now, test the printer by printing paper to ensure that printer is working properly.

Remove Jam Paper From the HP Laserjet Printer

  • Check the Guide of Laser Printer or Manual Instruction
  • Now, Look the instruction on the Jam printer carefully
  • Turn Off the Printer
  • Open any door of the printer which give your the access to the Jam paper
  • Check the Jam paper in the printer
  • Take out the Jammed paper sheet from the printer
  • Now, close both the doors of the Jammed printer & turn it on again

Causes of Paper Jams in Laser Printers

  • Incorrectly loading of paper in the printer
  • Paper stucking together
  • Check is there is no damage with the printers
  • Due to the use of low quality materials

Prevent Paper Jam in Printers

  • Do not over filled the paper tray it causes in printer paper jam error.
  • Do not user bad quality or cheap paper it is also causes issues with the printer use good quality of paper.
  • Use only one stack of paper & dont try to mix one stack with the anotther paper stack
  • Turn off the computer & maintain it properly & also clean your printer when not in use.

Help With Printer Jam

Printer Jam is a common issue generally face by every 10th user worldwide. Improper removal of Jam paper can cause serious hardware damage. So don't force remove jam paper get support from printer experts who will assist you to remove the Jam paper technically.

Can I remove the Jammed Paper in Printer myself?

Yes Ofcourse you can remove the jammed paper from printer but be sure to be very gentle & avoid force removal of jammed paper. Do not hold the printer upside down as this will damage parts of the printer. Try to remove the cover of the printer based on the model, open the front & black flap politely stretch the paper.

Cause of Printer Jam

There can be many reason behind the printer jam & Can be solve in few minutes but sometimes can take days or would require a printer support specialist to fix the printer issue. If the problem is very basic then it will be solved within a minutes by removing the jam paper. However if the printer jam is happening on regular basis then their is definetly problem with the hardware or software conflict. In this case please call your printer support who will fix the printer online or will takes the printer to printer shop to investigate the issue further. The Require parts will be changed to fix the problems depending on the printer model.

Remove & Locate the Paper which is Stuck in the loading tray of Printer

  1. Remove the loose paper sheet from the printer loading tray.
  2. Press Resume Button on the frontside of the printer.
  3. Starting from the middle, and start removing one sheet at a time.
  4. Then last check if any piece or bits of paper is left in the printer or not.

Call Printer Jam Fix Number for More Details

How to remove Jammed Paper from Backside of the Printer?

Remove the Backside Access Panel of the Printer

  1. Locate the access tab from the backside of the printer.
  2. Remove the Panel
  3. Take the Jam paper outside from the printer
  4. Secure & Replace the rear panel

How to Remove the two Facing accessory of printer to fix Paper Jammed
  1. Press the both Release Buttons Combine on the other end of Module at the Same Time & them remove.
  2. Remove Panel of the Printer and take out Jammed paper from the printer very carefully.
  3. Check & remove the small paper bits if remain in the printer & then Locate.
  4. Now, Push back the module on & then put into it place.
  5. Press the top module button & Open Door
  6. Remove Panel of the Printer and take out Jammed paper from the printer very carefully.
  7. Check & remove the small paper bits if remain in the printer & then Locate.
  8. Now Close the back module door

Remove stuck Paper from the printer Under the Front Cover of the Printer

If the Above steps are failed, then you may try to remove the Jam paper taking out under the front cover of the printer but very carefully & slowly.

Reload Printer carriage to avoid paper jams

  1. Unplugged the Printer Power cable from the Power Circuit
  2. Check the Printer Carriage if it is Moving Freely to the right side of the Printer. If Printer Carriage is Stuck then don't try to move forcefully. Because there will be a risk of dama.
  3. Remove printer ink Cartridge Carefully
  4. Remove Paper from the loading tray, but without moving any drawer
  5. Change the 2 facing printer accessory and backside access door
  6. Rotate the roller with your finger in upward direction For 3 full rotation.
  7. Change the 2 facing printer accessory and backside access door
  8. Replace Printer Ink Cartridge
  9. Now turn On Printer

Reload Printer & Do Testing

After Removing the Jammed paper or remove all the bits of paper, & check that printer carriage is moving freely without any the issue, test your printer.
  • Add inkjet Paper in the loading tray & put it into place
  • Perform a Self-test by printing a test page. Normally, a self-test is done by pressing & holding the resume button of the printer. Do this until the printer start printing again.

If Problems Still Continued the there will be a Hardware problem
After performing the above steps, If Still Printer having the issue of Paper jam, your printer is dealing with some hardware problem. In Hardware problem cases, there will be chances of printer repaired. Take your printer to the nearest technician or call our printer repair technician we will also offer doorstep services.


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