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We are offering the very affordable printer care service to all types of printers. IF you are facing issues with your printer, we will help you in how to give proper attention to your printer for better printer care. We will give proper printer care services to our precious customers. Most of customers are totally satisfy with our printer care services.

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5 Ways you can care your printer for Long Period

Proper care of printer is depends on the Making & model of the printer. Proper printer care & maintenance of the printer is also depends on you how you treat your printer or any other gadgets, Proper servicing of the printer is necessary if you love your products.

1. Location

In today's world, printer & other technology want cold place. If you have printer, then don't locate where the air is dry & also don't place where the hot air passing because this will reduce the shelf life. If your printer is not placed in cold area the main reason for printer damage is due to the dryness of ink toner, it is also leads to paper jam. For proper printer care first locate your printer at cold area, away from heat sources in your home & offices.

2. Paper Quality

User best quality of paper for long life of the your printer with good printer care. Poor quality of paper & thinner may leads to easier. If you have filled paper tray over the limit then it is also leads to damage the part of printer or causing printer. Over limit of paper in the paper tray also affect the performance of printer.Do proper printer care & paying attention to the errors mentioned above will also reduce the amount of paper jams.

3. Timely turn off Printer

Give proper break to your printer for advance printer care. when your work is done Turn off your printer on regular basis. Always keep in your mind, that heat is very harmful for printer. If you are not using your printer & put it on standby mode & which means still power is going to the printer device you are using. Standby mode of printer also heat your printer which may leads to deterioration internally cause.

4. Software update

Always keep your printer software & driver up-to-date. Branded printer manufactures also provided updated driver of the printer. Most of the printer will automatically update the driver while connecting to the internet or if not than read the user manual on how to update the pritner driver.

5. On time servicing of the Printer

If you want to do printer care properly than do proper service of the printer also, take it to the best pritner technician they will tell you that your printer need proper service on time. Sometime printer leave some irregular noise also, if you also notive this irregular noise or also working of slow printer, then it is the right time to do proper printer service from the printer technician. Do proper service of printer. Prevention is better than cure.

Above you have read the 5 Ways to increase the Life of Printer by doing printer care properly

How to take care of printer ink cartridge for increasing Life longer?

8 ways to take of printer cartridges for printer care as well

As we all know that printer ink carttridge also the very important for printer. Printer care also rely on printer ink cartridges. Sometime if you don't take care the printer cartridges then it will also cause your printer.

1. Use Small size font

Use big size font only when their is important need, otherwise go with the small size o medium size font. Big size font also harm the cartridge power.

2. Proof before you print

Give your documents an extra read before you take print out, make sure save your print as well.

3. Check printer settings

For updating your default printer settings, on windows related desktop, Click on Start button > printers > right click & then choose printer preferences.

Some changes consider

  • Set Printer quality to Draft
  • Set the document options to print multiple pages of per sheet
  • Set the print color in grayscale
4. Print only needed things

If you are reading an article on any topic or want printr that article or also you dont want to print ads, then open & then insert the url, & select what you want to print.

5. Always use printer preview

Before printing any document, alwyas use print preview tool to check what is important for print or what is not.

6. Click on save instead of print

Sometime you know that this document is important but not important to print on that time, you can save the file & you can print later when needed.

7. Avoid bold & chunky fonts

use simple font as simple as that, use less bold font, when there is need to bold a word or use chunky fonts then only you can other simple font is better help in increase the life of ink cartridge.

8. Ignore warning of out-of-ink

When you got the warning relted ink cartridge & saying your ink cartridge is out of ink then ink it & go ahead because in first time, 8 to 45 % ink is present in the cartridge.

Steps to do Thermal Barcode Printer care Properly

1. Run your printer at the most reduced adequate temperature or obscurity setting

2. Clean your printhead each time you change strips or ribbons. I realize that sounds monotonous, however, with a liquor cleaning wipe, it'll just take a couple of moments.

3. Lower printhead pressure. With little work area printers, you don't have that alternative, yet with bigger modern printers, there are thumb screws that permit you to lower the printhead pressure.

4. In case you're utilizing warm strips or ribbons, ensure they're sufficiently wide to cover the entire width of the labels you're printing.

5. Slower the printer speed, it would be better for printer care

6. Test distinctive warm printer strips or ribbons . Various details of strips can give extraordinary print results at a lower temperature – prompting longer warm printhead life.

7. Never take a blade or screwdriver to your printer. In the labels get stuck, then use isopropanol liquor to clear the label off. Sharp items harm printers – and will wind up costing you cash.

8. In case you're utilizing a mechanical measured Zebra printer, get some information about their all-inclusive life printheads. Zebra guarantee they'll keep going twice the length of a standard printhead.

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