Fix Printer Errors on Window 10

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Reason why printer is not working?

Lots of reason are there for printer not working on windows 10 or facing printer errors on windows 10.below are reason of printer errors.

  • Errors in printing settings
  • printer spooler service errors
  • Printer driver problems
  • Wifi problem or printer usb cable problems.

How to Fix Printer Errors on Windows 10

Solution 1 - Check Supplies of Printer

If you are facing printer error on windows 10 the first thing you have to check is that paper is loading properly or not. Is there any paper jam or not?. As we also know that it sounds like a very simple tip but when you are over worked then it is very easy to forget to get the new pritner cartridge or also put paper in the tray.

Solution 2 - Check your printer WiFi connection & Printer USB

Next step is to check wifi connection or printer usb port it is connected properly with the computer or not. If you are using USB port connection then you have try unplugging & plugging it in again. If this not working then check the usb cable & try to connect via using another port.

Or If you are using wireless printer, then try to restart your Wi-Fi router & again connect with printer. Go to settings of the printer & check if the printer setting are OK.

Solution 3 - update the printer driver & reinstall driver again.

Follow the below steps for update the printer driver

  1. Press Windows key + X on the keyboard & select device Manager
  2. Expand the printers & look for your printer
  3. Now, press righ click on the printer & update the printer driver.
  4. Now, select "search automatically" for updating driver software.
  5. Now, wait till the windows updating the driver

If the windows 10 unable to the update the printer driver then trying to reinstall the printer. Open the official website of the printer manufacturer. Download the printer driver of your pritner

Reinstall Printer driver

  1. Press the Window key + I on keyboard for opening the settings
  2. Now Go to devices >> click on printers & scanners
  3. look for your printer & then click on it, then remove device
  4. Go to start menu & type in the search bar printer management & press enter.
  5. Right click on your printer & then delete
  6. Disconnect printer cable from the printer & restart your pc
  7. Connect your printer cable & install the printer drivers

Solution 4 Repair the printer spooler errors

One more reason for printer errors is with printer spooler. To fix this printer error clearing the printer spooler

follow the below steps

  1. Open Run dialog box by press window key + R & type services.msc & click on OK.
  2. Service console now open & now locate the printer spooler service.
  3. Now right click & then click on stop
  4. Now, again press window key + R & start type %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers & click on Ok
  5. Now, new folder is open form where you have delete the files.
  6. Now open service console again & look for printer spooler services & right click & click start.

Hope the above steps will help you in solving printer errors on windows 10. If you still facing printer error on windows 10 then go to printer services store.

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