How to Fix Printer Driver Error

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Fix Printer Driver Error

Yes, it is true that sometime printer facing driver error instead of hardware issue. Sometime printer not working properly due to the errors of printer drivers. Because printer driver is the only connection between the printer & computer. Printer driver sends command to the printer what & how to print a document. There are lots of reasons of printer not working properly & why printer facing these issue. For eg, - May be it is corrupted, wrong setup of settings, and also missing updates of printer driver. Fix Printer driver error is the simple matter. You can fix error of printer driver by updating, installing or reinstalling the drive of the printer.

Fix Error of Printer driver

Follow the below steps to fix this issue

By installing a Fresh Printer Driver

  1. Open the Official website of your printer manufacturers & look for printer drivers, print driver & drivers
  2. Now find & select the printer driver according to your printer model.
  3. Download the respective printer driver & install it. After installing complete restart your laptop or computer.

By Reinstalling a Printer Driver

You can reinstall the printer driver software very easily by inserting driver disc into the CD drive. After inserting disc follow the instruction which are appear on the screen.

By Updating a printer Driver

You can fix printer driver error by using windows update. After all setup window update will automatically download & install the required updates of your printer. below the points of how to setup windows update fow download printer driver

  1. Click on windows start button
  2. Now, type Update in windows searh bar.
  3. List of options will appear in the search.
  4. Its depend on your windows version, you have to select All programs
  5. Now, click on windows update & in the left side click on check for updates.
  6. Its depend on your windows version, you have to select Select the updates you want to install & click OK
  7. Then click on install updates on the window update page.
  8. Now, click to see the available updates and click on install
  9. Now, mention a password or confirmation, if asking for. when the process is complete, a pop up will appear which is saying printer driver installed succesfully.

Hope the above steps will help you in solving printer driver errors. If you still facing printer cartidge error then go to printer services store.

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