Fix HP Printer Cartridge Error

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Reason why HP Printer showing Cartridge error

If your printer is showing cartridge error or unable to printer pages properly. Here are the reason of printer cartridge error incorrect cartridge inserted, cartridge not working properly. cartridge is empty, cartridge is not supported etc. Whenever your printer is facing issue related to cartidge then first you have fix that error. When this error occured then a message will blow up with incorrect ink cartidge or a flash light on cartridge is indicating that means a bad color ink cartridge or asking for remove the cartridge. For fix this issue reset your printer then fix the error of printer cartidge then you can continue with your work.

Fix Printer Cartridge Error

1. Power on the Printer then Open the printer cover & remove ink cartridge.

2. Now, place the printer cartridge back & Close printer cover then power off printer for 1 minute

3. Power on your printer & print a test page. If the error is not resolved then move on to next step.

4. Again take out the printer ink cartridge

5. Now take the dry pices of cloth & smoothly clean the cartridge & remove all small particles

6. Clean it from the top to bottom.

7. Now, place the printer cartridge back & Close printer cover then power off printer for 1 minute

8. Now printer a test page check if the problem is resolved. If it is not then move on to next step

9. Take out the both catridge from the printer black color cartridge & white color cartidge & close the cover.

10. Remove the power cable from the socket, and disconnect from the computer & router. Wait for a minute & again connect power with sockets & computer & router.

11. Now place both cartridges into the printer & power on the printer

12. Print a test page & check is the problem is resolved, or if still you are facing a problem then you have to buy a new ink cartridge

13. Power on the officejet or psc all in one printer

14. Unplugged the power cable from the backside of the printer & wait for 1 minute

15. Connect power cable with the printer & press & hold the power button until the printer turn on

16. Now, print a test page & check if the problem is fix, and if not then buy new Ink cartridge which is supported to your model of the printer.

Hope the above steps will help you in solving printer cartridge errors. If you still facing printer cartidge error then go to printer services store.

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